Super Max RMC

Super Max RMC

Construction industry was benefitted by Readymix Concrete right from its inception during the late 40's. This technology has since then grown in a big way in Europe and USA, consuming more than 60% of the cement produced. In the coming years, Readymix Concrete industry in India is likely to consume more than 5% of the cement produced. We have initiated to set up a plant In the city of lakes by die brand name Super-Max RMC.

Super-Max RMC serves the commercial, industrial, infrastructural and residential segments of the construction industry in Madhya Pradesh with its prestigious product Super-Max RMC Concrete.

What is Readymix Concrete?

The concrete produced in a centralized computer controlled Batching Plant and transported through specially designed Truck Mixer mounted on Chassis (Transit Mixer) for direct application at the sites.

Super-Max strives to provide its customers the highest quality product, delivered in a timely and efficient manner at the best possible price. By creating a “one-stop-shop" Super-Max offers its customers the convenience of having their total concrete requirements under a single roof. Super-Max RMC Concrete at its manufacturing plant at Chhangaon, Bhojpur road, Bhopal. All facilities and equipment utilize the latest technology to ensure consistent quality concrete. Senior executives,-1 Super-Max have extensive knowledge of the local market and have been actively involved

All at Super-Max stay under one roof to wake up immediately to the requirement of the customer and deliver the Readymix Concrete in time at the site. Super-Max unique combination of local leadership, teamwork and awareness about the pulse of the local civil construction industry provides a powerful tool in the hands of the customer. By providing unparalleled customer satisfaction, superior service, and the highest quality product, Super-Max RMC Concrete remains committed to achieving its ultimate goal...customer satisfaction with superior quality.



The raw materials used for Readymix Concrete viz cement, sand, coarse/ fine aggregates and water are mixed at a centrally located computer controlled batching plant that monitors weigh-hatching water-cement ratio, dosage of admixture, moisture content, etc. with precision to produce the Readymix Concrete.

The plant is capable of programming 99 different types of mixes for producing different grades of concrete both automatically and manually.

Readymix Concrete is then transported to the site in transit mixers, in plastic condition, without affecting the composition and without any further treatment. Transit mixers are trucks fitted with rotating drums for carrying Readymix Concrete. The capacity of the transit mixer is 7m3 and Super-Max has enough number of such mixers. At the construction site, the Readymix Concrete is placed by pumping with concrete pumps which can pump upto 300 m horizontally and 70 m vertically (i.e upto 20 floors),and @ of 35 Cum/hr of concrete. This facility equips Super Max to deliver its Readymix Concrete to places which are otherwise difficult and expensive to deliver.



All the ingredients used for preparation of the concrete, are thoroughly tested for their quality and physical properties in a well equipped laboratory attached to the plant for conformity to relevant Indian Standard Codes.

The moisture probe determines the water content in the sand and aggregates. This accordingly helps in fixing the proportion of water to be added for the preparation of the mix. The sand being used is passed through the mechanized sieving system, before feeding for mixing. Trial mixes are carried out and tested to ensure that each and every batch of concrete coming out of the plant meets the parameters of client's requirements.

The following tests are carried out at Super-Max RMC Concrete Laboratory


Sieve Analysis
Sieve Analysis
pH Value
Specific Gravity
Specific Gravity
Bulk Density (Loose I Rodded)
Aggregate Impact Value
Silt Test by Volume / Weight
Bulk Density (Loose / Rodded)
Water Absorption
Water Absorption
Sulphite / Chloride / Alkali
Flakiness Index
Elongation Index
Organic Impurities
Alkali Reactivity


Work ability
Compressive Strength
Air entrained
Air Entrained
Flexure Strength
Specific gravity
Sieve Analysis
Bulk Density
Setting Time



Super-Max RMC Concrete offers a permanent solution to the perennial problems associated with conventional concrete.


Salient features of Super-Max RMC

  • ♦ Durable & Affordable
  • ♦ No storage space required either for raw materials or for the mix
  • ♦ Lower labour and supervisory cost
  • ♦ No wastage at site
  • ♦ Environment friendly
  • ♦ Availability of concrete of any grade