NIC Construction India Pvt Ltd

Completed Projects

We NIC CONSTRUCTION (INDIA) PVT. LTD. BHOPAL, Previously known as “The New India Construction Company, Bhopal” are pleased to introduce ourselves that, We are one of the most renowned and prestigious name in the field of civil construction work all over India. Quality and in time work is our creed. We are having a broad experience in the field of Civil Construction work since last 19 years with excellent teamwork, management and construction experts. Our work had appreciated by some of country’s best architects and engineers.

Some of the major civil construction projects completed by us (as The New India Construction Company) are detailing as follows:-

Sr. No.
Name Of Project
Party Name
Maharishi Vidya Mandir (In 34 acres with development, 1.75 Lacs sq. ft. Construction work of school building.
Lamba Kheda, Bhopal
Maharishi Vidya Mandir (in 6 acres with development,6 four story buildings, and one 10000 student’s capacity auditorium, Filtered sewage plant)
Ratanpur, Hoshangabad Road, Bhopal.
Siddharth Campus(Colony of 30 duplexes, 24000 sq. ft. of construction work.)
Siddharth Dwelling, Gulmohar, Bhopal
Alson’s(18 duplex houses)
Colonel corner, Gandhi Nagar, Bhopal
Maharishi Vidya Mandir (In 9 acres with development, 75000 sq. ft. construction work, 1 multistory school building, 4single story building with gymnasium.)
Chhan Gaon, Bhopal
Sahara States (40000 sq. ft. construction work 2 multistory buildings, 10 single story bungalows)
Sahara India, Bhopal
CEDMAP Complex(1 multistory building of head office)
Jail Road, Bhopal
Siddharth Garden(Residential colony of 13 duplex Bungalows, with sewage, roads and surrounding.)
Siddharth Dwelling, Bawadia Kalan, Bhopal.
Siddharth Galaxy (Residential colony of 12 duplex bungalows including sewage, road, sump well and garden.)
Siddharth Dwelling, Bawadia Kalan, Bhopal.
Maharishi Vidya Mandir (Residential bungalow)
Chhan Gaon, Bhopal
Bharat Oman RefineryBina. (126 Residential Flats)
Satya Prakash Builders Ltd. Jabalpur.
Indus Empire (Residential colony of 200 duplex bungalows, in which 100 bungalows are hand over with garden, roads, sewage, Bhopal. sump well, overhead water supply tank and entire curtain wall.)
Indus Colonizers, Bhopal.
Billabong High School (High-tech construction work of a large School building. Neelbad, Bhopal. In 175000 sq. ft, with roads, sewage system, sump well, Garden, playgrounds, recreation and swimming pool.) Flush pool, tennis court, Basketball court, Skating ring, football ground. (Olympic Size)
Macro Education Society, Bhopal
Femcare Building, P & G, Mandideep, Bhopal.
Lloyd Insulations (India) Ltd, Delhi.
Leads Met India University,Chandanpura, Bhopal.
Jagran Social Welfare Society Bhopal.
Maharana Pratap College,Amla, Bhopal.
Maharana Pratap Social research & education society, Bhopal.
Aakriti Green,Gram-Salaiya, Bhopal.
AG8 Ventures Ltd., Bhopal.
Aapoorti Shopping Mall,Kolar, Bhopal.
Aapoorti Shopping Malls Pvt. Ltd. Bhopal.
Chirayu Medical College,Bhesa Khedi, Bhopal.
Aapoorti Shopping Malls Pvt. Ltd. Bhopal.
Aakriti Neev, Gram Salaiya, Bhopal
AG8 Ventures Ltd., Bhopal.
Aakriti Aqua City,Sahara Bypass Road, 11 Mile, Bhopal
AG8 Ventures Ltd., Bhopal.
Chirayu Medical College,Bhopal.
Chirayu Medical College, Bhopal.
Highland Plaza, Chuna Bhatti, Bhopal.
NIC Construction (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Hyper Market, Indrapuri, Bhopal [Shopping Mall]
Aapoorti Shopping Malls Pvt. Ltd.
Commercial Building, Kasturba Nagar, Bhopal
Abdul Aqeel Khan, Abdul Azeem Khan, Mohd. Imran, Syed Sultan Jameel, Farha Jameel
MANIT, Bhopal,[Construction of Institutional Building]
Lloyd Insulation (India) Ltd.,New Delhi
Chirayu Hospital, Bhori [Hospital Buildings.]
Chirayu Charitable Foundation
Aakriti Highlands, Gram-Phanda Bhopal, [Township of 249 2BHK LIG Duplex Houses.]
AG8 Ventures Ltd.,Bhopal
Airport City, Airport Road[Duplex Houses.]
Sky Ujjawala Construction
Chirayu Hospital, Bhesakhedi[Hospital Buildings.]
Chirayu Charitable Foundation
Billabong High School, Neelbad, Bhopal
Macro Education Society,Bhopal
Aakriti Aqua City, Sahara Bypass Road, Bhopal, [Township of 300 Bungalows]
AG8 Ventures Ltd.,Bhopal

Projects In Progress

And the other undergoing civil construction projects running by us as (N.I.C. Construction (India) Pvt. Ltd.) are as follows:

Sr. No.
Name Of Project
Party Name
Tapti & Gomti Multi Story Buildings, Aakriti Aqua City, Sahara Bypass Road, Bhopal
AG8 Ventures Ltd.Bhopal
Landmark Prospera, Commercial Building, Bag-Mugalia, Bhopal
Landmark Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
Pebbles Bay, New Multies,Bag-Mugalia, Bhopal
Amrit Homes Pvt. Ltd.,Bhopal
Billabong High School Extention Building, Neelbad, Bhopal
Macro Education Society,Bhopal
KDA Projects[LIG & EWS Housing Project
Sunil Hitech Engineers Ltd.
Mahaveer Institute of Medical Science [MIMS], Godermau, New Jail Road, Bhopal [Hospital & Institute Buildings.]
Jain Sarvodaya Vidhya Gyaan Pith Samiti,Bhopal
Pebbles Bay, Phase I & Phase III,Bag-Mugalia, Bhopal[Township of 200 Bungalows]
Amrit Homes Pvt. Ltd.,Bhopal
Narmada & Shipra Multies,Aakriti Aqua City, Sahara Bypass Road, Bhopal, [12 High Rise Multies.]
AG8 Ventures Ltd.,Bhopal


We assure you an excellent quality construction work under civil construction norms and measures, because we having a complete team of relevant personals:

(a) Qualified civil engineers, draftsman, supervisors, Timekeepers and Accountants to keeping a close watch over projects and proper document control. Intensive monitoring done through technicians and superiors.
(b) Facilities for staff: - Rest house, mess, accommodations & vehicle for transportation.
(c) Facilities for labour:-Hutment, safety, medical.
(d) All kind of tools and other equipments being use in the civil construction remains available till completion of work.
(e) Complete and sufficient quantity of good quality scaffoldings available at all time.
(f) Trusted and Tested fine shuttering material in bulk avails with centering experts as per project’s demand.
Time and quality are essence in project implementation. Time is money therefore timely completion of projects having paramount importance and that is our motto.